Outline Past research Students For prospective students

  • Recognition of social relation from trajectory and range information. Collaborators: Dr. Francesco Zanlungo, Dr. Caudio Feliciani, Mr. Adrien Gregorj, Dr. Takayuki Kanda

  • Analyzing the effect of interaction state on social group motion. Collaborators: Dr. Francesco Zanlungo, Dr. Masahiro Shiomi, Dr. Takayuki Kanda

  • Detection and tracking of mobile entities based on range data for social robotics applications. Collaborators: Dr. Francesco Zanlungo, Dr. Tetsushi Ikeda, Dr. Takahiro Miyashita, Dr. Norihiro Hagita

  • Joint attention modeling for embodied agents.
    Collaborators: Dr. Albert Ali Salah and Dr. Eric Pauwels

  • Pose estimation using elliptic cylindrical head models.
    Advisor: Dr. Theo Gevers, Universiteit van Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

    The application of our pose estimation and eye localization method explained in our CVPR 2009 publication

    Robustifying Eye Center Localization by Head Pose Cues.

    Click on the thumbnail to watch.

  • Behavioral and Physiological Analysis of Lab Animals
    Advisor: Dr. Bülent Özgüler, Dr. Pınar Duygulu, Bilkent University, Turkey and Dr. Rüştü Onur and Dr. Yıldırım Sara, Hacettepe University, Turkey

  • Audio and image watermarking via Zero Assigned Filter Banks
    Advisor: Dr. Bülent Özgüler, Bilkent University, Turkey