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I have been working at Okayama University since April 2017. From April 2017 to March 2021, I was as a member of Dr Akito Monden's Lab Software Measurement and Analytics Laboratory. From April 2021, I started my own lab "Human Behavior Understading Lab".

The main theme of my research is understanding human behaviour. Previously, I was working on human behavior in close relation to actions, such head pose or locomotion. I developed a joint attention model between a robot a human (caregiver).

Recently, I am particularly interested in behaviour in social context (i.e. interaction) and attention. Namely, I try to relate the actions to the cognitive/mental state of individuals or their social traits/states. I work on upper body poses as well as facial landmarks to speculate on the state of the human partner in an HRI or HCI setting. In addition to actions, I am also interested in physiological signals such as EDA or EEG.

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