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The general theme of my research is "bridging the gap between man and machine". Specifically, the target is to understand human emotions, cognition, interaction, motion etc such that robots can carry out a natural interaction with humans.

Namely, we work on projects on anticipation of intentions, understanding about humans' mental/cognitive state, estimation of their social traits etc. For these purposes, we use computer vision, pattern recognition and machine learning. Below you may find general requirements and some example topics.

Currently, I offer several topics for internship students. If you are interested, please contact me and Dr. Bernard Chenevier by sending an email (mailAddress, address_bernard_chenevier)

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General requirements




You need basics in linear algebra and pattern recognition.

I expect you to work on a Linux platform. Depending on your research topic, you may choose your favorite programming language. I often opt for Python on Ubuntu.

You will need to read scientific papers and make a literature survey. You will be asked to write a paper out of your thesis to be submitted before the end of your internship.

You will be asked to give a midterm and a final presentation on your research (to the members of our lab and Dr. Chenevier).